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Tor-Rey Refrigeration

Dec 6, 2017 1:30:56 PM

Proper food storage is important in the food industry. When you run a restaurant, you need to ensure you have ample supplies of the ingredients that you will be needing for your menu. All these perishable items should be stored safely in refrigerators to prolong storage life and most importantly to avoid the growth of bacteria.

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Restaurant is frequented by different kinds of people but all of them come there for one purpose that is to satiate their palate. So as a restaurant owner you would like to serve them at the best possible way. You would wish them to have a painless experience.

Quality restaurant equipment needed

 It is a good thought but would that be possible without having good quality restaurant supply.  No of course not. So here we are to supply you the best possible restaurant equipment. There are a number of equipment without which you may not be able to serve your customers.

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Wholesale Restaurant Supply

Nov 20, 2017 11:43:01 AM

Opening a new restaurant? Or renovating an existing one? Need supplies for the same? You can find a lot of variety on . Chef’s Deal is a company that deals in wholesale restaurant supply. We offer the best prices on various equipment that you may need for your restaurant.

Designing your dream restaurant can be exhilarating. Though, it is equally challenging as well. You need the best equipment, the best interiors and the best staff to make your dream come true. We, at Chef’s Deal, help you find what you are looking for under one roof. We deal in wholesale restaurant supply thus providing you everything you want at the best prices.

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Restaurant Supply Store

Nov 13, 2017 3:07:32 PM

Restaurant supply store, Nashville, TN supplies commercial restaurant equipment such as Commercial Cookware such as Counter top ranges, Counter Electric ranges, Induction cookers and Induction Ranges, Heavy duty gas counter tops, etc., Commercial deep fryers, Commercial Grills and Griddles, Specialty cooking equipment such as Pasta cookers and rethermalizers, Rice cookers and warmers, immersion circulators, crepe makers, Waffle cone making equipment, etc., Steamers, Ovens and Steam Kettles, Toasters and Breakfast equipment, Commercial boilers, etc. 

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A restaurant caters to food requirement of a large number of people, the equipment’sthat are needed to prepare the food is also too many. It is not always that restaurants can afford to buynew equipment for cooking purposes, and not all rejected commercial restaurant equipment is non-functional. The used restaurant equipment Nashville tn gives an opportunity to restaurant owners to improve their efficiency without creating a hole in their pockets. The restaurant owners can easily make a selection of the used restaurant equipment Nashville tn from an authorized supplier that provides best quality appliances at affordable prices.

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Restaurant Supply Store in Nashville

Oct 27, 2017 5:29:47 PM

Buying equipment for your new restaurant is one of the main things on the agenda. You do not just wake up and wish it all into existence. You wake up and you get your working list and budget book and you head out into Nashville ready to get all the good stuff. The question now begs where do you start?

If you live in the Nashville area then you may have heard about us. We are one of the largest restaurant supply store in Nashville. We offer equipment for restaurants and furniture that you can use. When you get the furniture for your interior and all the equipment and cutlery that is needed then you are half way to opening the doors of your restaurant. 

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Restaurant Supply Store

Oct 18, 2017 4:02:05 PM

When you plan to open up a restaurant or upgrade the one then you already have then you will in one way or the other have to buy new equipment. To buy these equipment and other things you will need to visit a restaurant supply store.

Before buying equipment you need to consider a lot of things first. The budget you have set is one of the things that you will need to settle first. Set a limit and stick to it. The best thing you could do is list everything you need and the estimated price alongside. This makes it easier for the sales representative to come up with a game plan on how you can work things out.

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Restaurant Design Services

Oct 10, 2017 3:56:03 PM

We all know that starting off a restaurant can be a bit daunting. The process of selection and buying and transporting can all be very stressful. You may have the perfect plan when it comes to buying the goods but have an issue with transportation. You should at least seek a company that will provide you with all the good benefits that you need to get ahead in the business.

Restaurant design services are offered by some of the biggest companies around. You can get the best there is when it comes to interior design and selection of equipment. What then you may wonder makes us so different from the rest of the companies.

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Restaurant Equipment Financing

Oct 3, 2017 4:09:56 PM

When you decide to open up a restaurant then the first thing you need is financial support. It can be from your own pocket or it can be from a bank or other means. Whichever means you need to take you will eventually end up buying a lot of items. Equipment if anyone is honest with you will be the most expensive thing that you will buy. It will take a lot of money just to get the ovens and freezers in the building. You will then need to buy mixers and cutlery and the list goes on.

Getting all this things can be largely expensive and buying them brand new will cause a dent in your pocket. If you take out a loan to buy the equipment then you will go under in a short while. We all know a good restaurant takes more than a year to break even and a bank will not give you much wiggle room after one year.So, what can you do to finance your hotel without going bankrupt in the first few months?

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Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Company supplies restaurant equipment to clients and if you happen to own a restaurant located in Indianapolis, might know that we provide Indianapolis restaurant supply. However what you might not be aware of is that along with restaurant equipment we also supply countertop equipment, furniture, concession, work tables and stands, and used equipment.

 Countertop Equipment

Our countertop equipment is one of the most popular, among our frequent Indianapolis restaurant supply. The Countertop equipment available at Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Company falls under the following major categories.

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