Proper food storage is important in the food industry. When you run a restaurant, you need to ensure you have ample supplies of the ingredients that you will be needing for your menu. All these perishable items should be stored safely in refrigerators to prolong storage life and most importantly to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Why Restaurant Owners Should Invest in Efficient Refrigeration Appliances

A refrigerator is a common piece of equipment even in a small household’s kitchen. They primarily serve as food keepers, allowing safe and extended storage of highly perishable food items.

The importance of refrigerators in restaurants is more than doubled. Commercial refrigerators are staple equipment to maintain the freshness of the ingredients and other bulk food items.

The Importance of Refrigeration

The following are the main reasons why refrigeration is of paramount importance specially in the food service industry:

  1. Refrigeration is vital in keeping the food’s freshness.
  2. It slows down the growth of bacteria in the food items that may cause food spoilage and the dreaded foodborne diseases.       .
  3. Refrigerators offer safe storage for the ingredients, pre-made sauces, frozen dishes and even leftovers.
  4. Refrigeration helps extend the life of the perishable food items such as meats and seafoods as well as the fruits and vegetables.

Refrigeration makes food preservation easier and more efficient. This significantly eliminate wasting of food products which in turn greatly impacts the budget.

Tor-Rey Refrigeration – Your Best Choice When It Comes to Your Refrigeration Needs

For more than four decades Tor-Rey Refrigeration has been providing high performance refrigeration solutions particularly among the food service industries – groceries, bakeries, meat markets and restaurants.

Why Choose Tor-Rey Refrigeration

-        Refrigerators and Coolers Made by Tor-Rey are Designed to Last

-        They are Made with Sleek Design Suitable for Food Display

-        Tor-Rey Refrigerators Offer High Performance but With Relatively Low Energy Consumption

-        Tor-Rey Refrigeration Solutions Comes with Smart Digital Controllers and Advanced Technology

-        Their Products are Guaranteed to be Compliant to the UL and the NSF Standards

-        LED Lighting System

When you are running a restaurant business, it is important to have a reliable partner particularly in food storage and refrigeration solutions. You need to choose the brands that deliver results and have high standards as yours. Tor-Rey Refrigeration is definitely the name that you can trust with their top pf the line refrigeration and cooling products.

Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment – Helping You Find Quality Refrigeration Solutions


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