If you’ve started a bakery, chances are that you’ve Googled “restaurant equipment near me” one too many times and are now confused because you really don’t know what to do. Sure, you might find a lot of articles telling you to buy spatulas and bowls, but baking isn’t just about whisking something in a bowl and baking it in the oven. Baking is very technical, which means that if you want to supply the best baked goods in town, then you need to have high quality equipment.

Bakeries need specific equipment because they create bakery products in bulk and while we may think that all we need to have a successful bakery can be found in a regular kitchen, you won’t say so when you’ve been given a 100 cupcake order to fulfill in one day and you only have one whisk to do the job for you.

To have a proper bakery setup, here is a list of the specific equipment that is needed to create a successful bakery.

Reversible Dough Sheeters

A reversible dough sheeter is known as the great multi-tasker of a bakery. This helpful tool can be used to sheet the dough for a number of bakery products such as donuts, cookies, pie crust, croissants and much more. Allowing you to sheet the dough in the morning and afternoon, this sheeter allows the sheet of the dough to become thinner and thinner as you lower the roller opening with each turn.

Dough Divider

Ever wondered why the bun rolls and the small loaves of bread are the perfect round? That’s because bakers use proper dough dividers which maintain the consistent size of your dough to obtain an even end result. Dough dividers can actually help create speed in the kitchen because you don’t even need manpower to mold the dough in different even shapes.

Proofing Cabinet

It is very important to have a proper proofing cabinet if you plan to have bread or any pastries which require proofed dough. Proofing cabinet or proof boxes allow you to control the temperature and humidity of the cabinet so that you can control the proofing process of the product.

Commercial Mixers

You might have seen these commercial mixers in many great cooking shows. Commercial mixers are available in a number of choices, and from the type of product you are making to the volume of the product you require, each mixer comes equipped with the right design to help you utilize it in the most versatile way, and with the number of mixing attachments available, these mixers can be used in small bakeries and large commercial baking plants alike.

Commercial Bakery Oven

A commercial bakery oven is the most important investment you can make because the actual baking is the most crucial part of bakery process. A proper bakery depends on their equipment to give them the best result for their hard work and preparation, and with a commercial bakery oven, many bakeries even extend their services for large orders because their commercial ovens are built to withstand overuse.

Whether you’re looking for restaurant equipment solutions or bakery supplies near you, getting the best equipment which can help you create the right bakery products can make all the difference. So if you want to know more about those stated above or even more bakery equipment, then click here, and let us guide you on your baking journey.