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TorRey R-36 Refrigerator

TorRey R-36 Refrigerator


Need more space to hold the cold items throughout your store? Consider a larger sized Refrigerator Merchandiser. Through the right appliance, you can showcase each and every drink, food or other cold item that you’re selling. With the lighting inside the refrigerator unit, every item that you place within refrigerator will be shown in a brighter light, so while the customer walks by, they will not help but notice the items shown inside of refrigerator and want to take a closer look. Provide the items they are after, but show them off in a beautiful way. With two sections that open, customers can reach in and grab what it is that they want from the refrigerator with ease. Stack up the items throughout each of the sides, and keep the most important ones to the front of refrigerator, towards the doors. With 36 cubic feet of space, there is enough room to hold each and every item that you want to showcase and sell to the customers that come in. Allow them to self serve with each item you place inside. While setting up the items, remember that the fix shelving units within the refrigerator are able to be adjusted to the necessary height that you wish them to be at. This allows you to take out shelves, as needed or move them lower or higher, as needed. Keep taller items towards the bottom, and smaller to the top or vice versa. The self contained refrigeration unit provides the cooling that is required inside, without cooling the outside. It is efficient, and stands strong even in the hottest days. Keep all of the items you sell cool, fresh and ready to go when each customer comes in to purchase them. Use the digital thermometer on the appliance to change the temperature depending on the items that are kept within the unit. The temperatures range from 32° to 41°, and give you the ability to be in control of how high or low you go. It will continue to regulate to the temperature you set, even after you’ve walked away. With two tripled paned windows, there is no need to worry about leaking air, either. The high quality glass seals it in and locks it tight. Place this slick white enamel finished, stainless steel refrigerator on your sales floor and watch the customers come rolling in. Specs: 1/2 hp condenser 120v/60/1-ph 2100 watts
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    • Manufacturer: Tor-Rey Refrigeration Inc
    • Weight: 600.0000

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Through the use of this refrigerator, you’re able to choose the right lighting setting so that it emits a soft glow over the items you’re looking to sell. You can place the items right inside it, showcase them and watch the items sell just as fast as you get them in.

Posted on 4/15/2015

Keeping the food that you sell fresh is the idea when it comes to serving up multiple customers, but being able to display all of the items out in the open. Through the use of the TorRey R-36 Refrigerator; you can have the best of both worlds. Keep those cold food and drink items cold, while also being able to showcase them the best way that you know how.

Posted on 8/3/2014

With its double doors, and large capacity to hold all of the items with ease; you have plenty of space to sprawl the items out and make the shelves your own. 36 cubic feet of space is a lot, and now it can be right in your store on your showroom floor, welcoming each and every customer inside. With high quality glass, none of the items are ever going to lose their freshness from the outside hot sun and heat. Be prepared, and show off the items you’re selling.

Posted on 5/24/2014

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