TorRey TEM-150-BL Curved Glass Deli Merchandiser

TorRey TEM-150-BL Curved Glass Deli Merchandiser
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With the Curved Glass Deli Merchandiser<>, you’re able to get the sleek, flawlessness you’re after within the look of your shop. Not only that, but with the energy saving design, modern look and the best refrigeration in the industry; all of your food items will come out fresh, cool and ready to be served. With 18.3 cubic feet of space, you’re able to showcase a lot of food within the container for everyone that comes in to see. With the right look and food items, your customers will keep coming back for more. Use the container that can provide unsurpassed quality at its finest for all of the items you serve in your shop.

The self contained refrigeration unit is able to keep the cold air inside the deli merchandiser, and never let the warm air out of it. With temperature controls that allow you to determine how cold you’d like the unit to be, you’re put in control of the outcome. With temperatures ranging from 36° to 41°, you’re able to choose which is the best for the food items within the container. The double tempered front glass not only looks the best, but it is able to keep your food the freshest, the longest with minimal work on your part besides placing the food inside.

With three different display levels, you can make sure to get all the space needed for the items to sit and be showcased nicely. In addition to the three shelves, two of them are completely adjustable, allowing you to choose how you want the food to be showcased to the customers that come inside. With a stainless steel bottom and worktop, you’re able to clean it easily and efficiently, while keeping bacteria to a minimum on the surfaces. The two sliding rear doors are easy to slide open and closed, while also latching while closed. This provides an easy way to get inside, grab the food that is ordered while also having an easy access point for cleaning it out when needed. The black exterior finish looks the best in any shop out there, providing you with the sleek look and feel you’re after for your store.

The deli merchandiser conforms to CSA-C22.2No. 120-M91 UL STD 471 & NSF STD 7 standards.
Click here for spec sheet about deli merchandiser.

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I purchased the TEM-150-BL Deli Merchandiser and I am glad that I did. I was worried about the ease of using the equipment, but it is exceptionally easy to use and maintain. There are two doors in the back that slide open and closed for easy access. In addition, you can adjust two of the shelves inside to ensure that you can get as much food inside as you can.

Posted on 6/2/2015

The TEM-150-BL is the best Deli Merchandiser available. I love this piece of equipment and it was the best investment made. The equipment allows you to control the interior temp to keep your food as fresh as can be. You never have to worry about spending too much on electricity as the machine is efficient and it works hard to allow you to deliver the best products.

Posted on 9/10/2014

If you are looking for a new deli merchandiser for your company, I highly recommend the TEM-150-BL. You will be happy you chose this unit. The unit is black in color with a tempered glass front for the best looking display. I love my merchandiser and do not know where I would be without it in my shop.

Posted on 3/8/2014

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