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TorRey TEM-200 PLUS Curved Glass Deli Merchandiser

TorRey TEM-200 PLUS Curved Glass Deli Merchandiser


With a Curved Glass Deli Merchandiser, you’re able to keep all of your food inside, fresh and long lasting for each and every one of your customers that comes in. If you have a lot of items to keep fresh, you can use this 24 cubic foot of space to keep each and every item inside fresher for a longer period of time. Not only that, but with a self contained unit; all of that food will stay fresh because it keeps the cool air in, and never lets the warm air inside with it. Even while the doors are open, the double tempered glass works as a barrier to block out the warmer air and keeps the food cool.

The unit is adjustable, so you can choose the temperature you’d like it to be depending on the food items that you’re serving and the temperature they need to be at. With temperatures ranging from 36° to 41°, you can adjust between those two numbers to keep the food at the levels it needs to stay at to be fresh. In addition to this, you’re also able to get more customization out of the unit with the three shelves that are provided, two of which are adjustable so you can change the way people view the food and other items inside the unit from the outside.

The stainless steel bottom and work top provides an easy to clean, bacteria free area to work on while also being one of the best looking materials on the market. With such a durable overlay, you can enjoy the benefits that come with using this refrigeration unit. Have access to all of the food on the inside using the large rear sliding doors. They open and close effortlessly and latch when you’re done with the inside to keep the cool air flowing. The white finish really stands out, makes the room look crisp and clean and showcases your business.

The Glass Deli Merchandiser conforms to CSA-C22.2No. 120-M91 UL STD 471 & NSF STD 7 standards and regulations.
Click here for spec sheet about Glass Deli Merchandiser.
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    • Manufacturer: Tor-Rey Refrigeration Inc
    • Weight: 518.0000
    TEM-200 PLUS

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